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SBC Podcast

Dec 8, 2018

Summary: I would like to welcome Sales & Content guru, Melissa Lin. She’s 28 years old originally from Portland, Oregon but now currently lives in Seattle, WA with her furbaby, Pearl. She specializes as a coach for female entrepreneurs who want to start, build, and scale their fitness and wellness business in the online space. In this episode Melissa gives her business tips and tricks for the following topics: How To Connect With Your Audience The Difference Between Potential & Ideal Clients/Customers How To Use The Online Space To Sell Your Coaching Service How To Create Content On Instagram That Sells The Difference Between Downselling & Upselling Your Sales Mindset Objection Handling Low-Ticket Offers VS High-Ticket Offers Melissa’s Links: Business Website: Instagram: Fierce Fitness Business Academy: Caption-Capsule: Caption Capsule PROMO code use at checkout: SAVAGEBABE (all caps) Savage Babe Links: Apparel: Apparel Instagram: SB Coaching Website: SB Coaching Facebook: SB Coaching Instagram: Free 7-Day SB Fitness & Self-Love Challenge: Sign-Up For Average To Savage Babe In 28 Days: