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SBC Podcast

May 27, 2019

Paulina Ducharme, 45 years old, born in Santiago, Chile. She is a Functional Nutritionist and has two boys! Her area of expertise is Gut Health and women's hormones. She has been doing this (officially) for 2 years. However, has been studying nutrition and holistic healing for the last 13 years. GUT HEALTH!! Got...

May 20, 2019

Hello Savages! I’ve had the pleasure to be a guest on Tiffany Carter's ProjectME! Get to know how I started my brand, how I came up with the name, the struggles of growing a business and how I got here. I let you into my career, life and what my future wishes are :) Tiffany's Links:...

May 13, 2019

Catherine Dean's first time being on a podcast!! 28 years old from Houston, Texas. She works administration for a full time job and her side hustle is running a podcast called the Hype Girl Podcast. 2 dogs and a cat! She is known as the hype girl! We get into the life stresses, anxiety and the overwhelming feeling which...

May 6, 2019

Today folks I'm giving you my secret tips to love yourself more than you could imagine. Through journal writing every morning, meditating and mirror work. WHATS MIRROR WORK? You'll learn all about it in this podcast ;) Savage Babe Links: Apparel: