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Savage Babe Podcast

Jul 8, 2019

Lindsay Sanor, has 4 kids and is an entrepreneur She has been certified as a trainer for 9 1/2 years but has been working with people for almost 12 years. She specializes in HIIT training but really does it all. Her dream was to do her own workout DVDs to expand her reach. Her DVDs launched on 2012 and are in 14 different countries! In this episode we talk about a wide variety of things. She talks about how she got motivation from others negativity, changing your mindset, the road to her fitness DVDs, what she does in the local Boise area, and the beginnings of online training. She is truly inspirational and have gotten great value from this episode! Check her out on instagram! Savage Babe Links: Apparel: Instagram: My Brand & Web Design Instagram: Monica's Personal IG: Non-profit Charities that Savage Babe is donating proceeds towards: Best Friends Animal Society: The Movemeant Foundation: