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Savage Babe Podcast

Jun 17, 2019

Hi Savage Babes! WARNING: Get ready for some tears ladies and gents! This episode is especially for all you animal loves out there... So as some of you may know, as of June 7th, every purchase that is made towards Savage Babe, a portion of proceeds will be donated two nonprofit organizations doing amazing things in this world, one of which is called Best Friends Animal Society ( In this episode, a fellow Savage Babe from the SB community, Natalie (@marcus_nat_801), reached out to me to tell me (after finding out that we were starting to give back to this nonprofit) about her heart-warming story/experience with Best Friends, and how the charity had made it possible for her and her family to spend one last month with their pup before he passed from cancer. We knew that this nonprofit was doing amazing things, but after hearing this story from Natalie, it has solidified our reason even more to give back a portion of our sales to this amazing organization! To find out more about this nonprofit and the other organizations we are donating to, please check out the social links below! Savage Babe Links: Apparel: Instagram: My Brand & Web Design Instagram: Monica's Personal IG: Non-profit Charities that Savage Babe is donating proceeds towards: Best Friends Animal Society: The Movemeant Foundation: