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SBC Podcast

Mar 4, 2019

Summary: In this episode, I had the pleasure of interviewing Micah Warren, 20 year old originally form Southern California, whom as build a modeling agency for women and men in Boise, Idaho looking to take their confidence and modeling to the next level. Via Micah: "I was seeking to find my own way in helping others, seeking to find how I can be of service to others and my community. It took a lot of soul searching, going through relationships and learning experiences. For as young as I am, I am glad I have found my grit, and have perseverance, for not just myself but to have the patience to help others. I will say, my story has its own hardships but I am glad I came out of all my tribulations with resilience. As I seek to find my inner beauty and self worth and virtue, i'm sharing it with other women and men, lighting the way with my own capabilities. I believe that's why I got into the modeling business. There's more inner beauty to be worked on to sell whatever product, modeling for which ever client, etc. "