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SBC Podcast

Dec 22, 2018

Summary: I had the wonderful opportunity of getting to speak with an incredible woman - they call her Petia Kolibova. She’s 34 years old originally from the Czech Republic, but currently resides in Las Vegas, Nevada. She specializes in coaching and guiding millenial women working in a corporate job who want to rise above limiting beliefs of unworthiness, insecurities, and toxic relationships to create the life and business of their dreams. In this episode, she discusses the power behind manifestation, showing up in your power, and following your gut to create overall happiness in your life, and how to heal and transform the limiting beliefs and self-sabotage that we inflict on ourselves to create more clarity, confidence, and purpose in our lives. Petia’s Links: Business Website: Instagram: Podcast Platforms: Savage Babe Links: Apparel: Instagram: SB Coaching Facebook: Monica's Personal IG: Free 7-Day SB Fitness & Self-Love Challenge: