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SBC Podcast

Dec 1, 2018

Summary: In this episode I had the pleasure of speaking with amazing woman doing incredible things. Her name is Rachel Gregg. She is 38 years old located in Upstate NY (small town Lacona, NY). She is a pharmacist but left her job about 5 years ago to start her health and fitness business. She is currently a personal trainer, lifestyle, and mindset coach. In more detail, we discussed the importance of integrating mindset to create a sustainable and holistic experience for clients on their fitness journey, and how personal awareness and self-love are the key ingredients to do just that. Rachel's Links: Personal Page: Business Page: Instagram: Savage Babe Links: Apparel: Apparel Instagram: SB Coaching Website: SB Coaching Facebook: SB Coaching Instagram: Free 7-Day SB Fitness & Self-Love Challenge: Sign-Up For Average To Savage Babe In 28 Days: